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Malawi Gold Coffee Shop The best conversations are found at the bottom of a cup of coffee

Coffee Shop

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MON – FRI: 7AM – 7PM
SAT – SUN: 5PM – 2AM


9 Jack Powell Road, Ballito,
4420, Kwazulu Natal

Welcome Aboute Malawi Gold

Coffee Shop

When one thinks of Malawi, it’s usually her amazing fauna, flora and people, but prepare to be wowed. Malawi Gold is a huge favorite amongst those in ‘the know’. This coffee continues to impress judges and coffee professionals worldwide.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied
On the nose: Truffles, candy-floss, chocolate and sweet peaches.
Taste: Smooth, rich, and a light acidity that clears the tongue.

Coffee Shop

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9 Jack Powell Road, Ballito, 4420, KZN

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